We have been producing brass rods since 1946. And we are part of a holding company specialised in the production of semi-finished products in non-ferrous alloys. But it is not the where, nor the who, that best describes us. What distinguishes Almag is the how. The qualities that make us reliable. The values that guide our quest for perfection: innovation, precision, flexibility.

Flexibility of service

The perfection starts here. Knowing how to find new solutions to meet the demands of our market. Knowing how to respond, even in unusual situations, promptly and rapidly. Because even the best product is nothing without the service. And we believe in good service.

Precision of method

Perfection passes through here. The Almag brass rods and semi-finished products are distinguished by their surface quality and straightness. Of the very highest level. Essential requirements to guarantee maximum efficiency for every customer.

Innovation and research

Perfection also means innovation. Because it’s only by creating what is not here today that we can meet market demands. Only through innovation in alloys and production methods can we fulfil the most rigorous expectations: our own.