Precision of method

In order to reduce errors and imperfections to a minimum, everything that goes on in the 100,000 m2 of the Almag production area is controlled and tracked. The accuracy of alloy composition. Their correct use in every stage, from fusion to extrusion. The finished product’s conformity to the project.

area produttiva Almag per fusione, estrusione e trafilatura barre in ottone
Some of the most automated plants of the sector

These are not promises, these are achieved objectives. Because we have some of the sector’s most highly automated production systems. Every billet is codified and accompanied, in every stage, by robotic solutions and radio-controlled automated trolleys. The only truly reliable solutions to ensure straightness and surface quality.

impianti produttivi automatizzati per fusione e trafilatura barre in ottone

Technologically advanced fusion, extrusion and drawing

At Almag, automation is synonymous with innovation. The fusion and extrusion systems use cutting edge technology, in terms of efficiency and sustainability. And, thanks to our four automated warehouses, even the storage of billets, rods, reels and rods is optimised.

Automation controlled by our specialist

Men and machines. It is in their day-to-day relationship that we seek perfection. Even the most sophisticated automated process must pass strict checks by our expert operators. Only in this way can we be sure that the tested method meets the requirements of every order. The certainty of a standard that never falls below the highest expectations.